Tuesday, September 25, 2012

American Wave: Curl On Your Terms

These photos show HeaD AreA's  Patty applying American Wave Expansion Wrap to our model.

Are you in a love/hate battle with the tresses on your head?  Are you stuck in a bun rut? A flat hair fugue state? If you despise your texture what do you do? We may have just thing you've been clambering for...

Nick Arrojo and his brilliant team of hair heroes have launched "American Wave" available at HeaD AreA. It is ideal for creating soft waves, style support and also re texturizing problem curls.

As with any new hair service, your stylist will assess if this is what's best for your hair, during your consultation.

After the assessment, you and your stylist will decide which of the three American Wave wraps will best achieve the desired effect. Each of the three create a specific look using soft pliable rods to adjust hair into a new wave pattern.

You can choose the Beach Wrap (soft, loose waves with less volume at the root. Best for long hair), the Classic Wrap (designed to support blow dry styles. Ideal for shorter hair) and lastly, the Expansion Wrap (most curl and movement -can be tailored to any hair length).

Of course, the American Wave allows for total customization beyond these three techniques. The wrapping is easily adjusted to support a particular style, change a shape or manage existing unruly curls. It's all up to you and your stylist.

The soft pliable tools (not your grandmother's perm rods) are used to create specific patterns to best suit your needs. Unruly texture is finally tamable by simply finding a wrap that diverts the pattern in a new, softer direction. 

Once you are wrapped to perfection, an ionic solution is applied to each strand where it will work its magic until your new wave pattern has taken hold. After a rinse, the second solution is applied in order to seal the new waves and give them staying power. 

As with every HeaD AreA service, your stylist will walk you through styling and treatment for your newly waved locks. You can expect these curls to loosen gradually over the next few months. Once they're too loose for your liking ( about 3 months or a season later) just make an appointment to have them re-wrapped. Or don't... With American Wave, there is no harsh permanent curl created and therefore no ghastly line of demarcation . You can simply ease back into your old texture or maybe try a different American Wave service. Your hair's texture is your choice. Finally!
Please contact HeaD AreA to schedule your American Wave consultation: 215 829 0699
or headareasalon@gmail.com

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Patty: "Never Stop Learning"

Photo: Lee Clapson

After 28 years of professional experience and a diehard clientele, Patty Gibbons could have easily rested on her professional laurels, but instead decided to challenge herself ( and her fans) by joining the HeaD AreA team. Of course, we couldn't be happier.

A love of theatrical makeup brought Patty to Maison De Paris, but an underlying passion for hair kept her coming back. An apprenticeship under Don Merlino is where she began to understand the fundamentals of hair styling. Merlino was her first great teacher and gave her not only an unprecedented understanding of classical techniques but also that education would be the backbone of her career."He taught me the core principles of precision hair cutting."

Photo: Lee Clapson

Making to most of every opportunity, Patty continues to set herself apart from her peers by instilling a vast array of influences and experiences into her work.  Early on in her career, she had the chance to work with Horst Rechelbacher, of Aveda fame, when he was launching Aveda to the Phildelphia area."He taught me to do prep work for him to his specifications, which were very high, he pushed me to go out of my comfort zone in order to get to the next level of quality work. I maintain that level of perfectionism in my work to this day. I found him to be a very influential force in my early years, and I carry those principles with me."

Gibbons honed her skills at top salons in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Miami. After some time, she began to feel like the day to day was getting in the way of her quest to better her own talents,"I wanted to get back to the craft of hair and did extensive research online to find a salon that shared my passion for hair cutting as an art form."

Her search led her to HeaD AreA in June of this year. A risky move, but one that seems to be paying off for all involved. ," I enjoy working for HeaD AreA because everyone is uniquely talented and has their own way of expressing themselves through the work that they do. I am truly in the artist's workshop/studio atmosphere that I had hoped to find. I have been re-energized to do my best possible work everyday."

Photo: Lee Clapson

The clientele she established over that time is nothing if not loyal and with good reason. Patty is fully committed to her clients, constantly evolving her process to attain even better results for those who affectionately call her "my Patty". They have absolute trust in her ability to deliver flawless hair every single time. "I am inspired by my clients' personalities, the feelings I get from them and how I see them at their best, I try to create that ideal for them."

The admiration works both ways, Following a recent haircut, a curly haired client (who's had more than her fair share of terrible cuts elsewhere) shared with me "I would never go to anyone else. Her cuts are perfection"

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kerri, the Queen of Color

Photo by Lee Clapson

"It's what I'm passionate about. When I'm doing color, I just get that 'zing", you know?"
-Kerri Fawley

Hair color can change everything. Finding the perfect hue for you and your life is no small feat. Anyone who has rolled the dice and lost can tell you that. There are so many intricacies to color in all it's forms. Warm, cool, subtle or drastic, it requires a master of the medium to sort out something that hugely personal and important. Which is why a colorist like Kerri Fawley has developed such a diehard client list. This lady is devoted to the art of color and it shows.

Coloring and cutting came so naturally to Kerri that at the ripe old age of 14, she knew she wanted to train as a stylist. Starting her apprenticeship at 15 while still in high school, she was a full fledged stylist while her  classmates were still figuring out how to best fit a case of beer into a dorm fridge.Learning on site at a salon, Fawley's education was as hands on as possible. her three year immersion transformed her view of hair and the process of color.

For the next ten years, Kerri dedicated herself to learning everything there was to know about the science of color. It is her passion, her obsession and we get to see the glorious results daily.

Photo by Lee Clapson

What is it about color specifically that intrigues you?

That you can bring out the best in someone's features and hair with hair color. It changes so much of someone's appearance.

Are you partial to one color family?

I love all hair colors and creating the perfect color for individuals who fall into those families. Identifying whether someone is cool, neutral or warm is the number one most important thing to remember when formulating their color.

Any tips for changing color? Any things to avoid?

I am all for changing it up but it has to be done right!

Have a conversation with your colorist about what you would like to change and come up with a plan. Keep in mind, if you are lightening, it may take 2-3 visits to get the color you want while maintaining integrity within the hair.

Where do you think color is heading? What is the next big trend?

I try not to go 100% trendy in any hair color but instead incorporate new or fun elements to enhance one's personal style. I think the extreme contrast of ombre is gone and in its place, people are going for tonal differences using the ombre technique, but not so much light and dark. 

Photo by Lee Clapson

As with most types of genius, it really is a amazing just to watch Kerri's process. HeaD AreA stylists frequently call on her encyclopedic knowledge when formulating their color, so odds are if you've have your locks dyed here, she's had a hand in the resulting hue.  Her ability to dissect and translate the technical and scientific aspects of hair coloring have led her to an educational role within the salon. She is now sharing her years of knowledge with those lucky enough to work here and soon enough an even wider audience. Stay tuned...

To book an appointment with Kerri Fawley, please call (215) 829 0699

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kelly: HeaD AreA at Our Best

Photo by Lee Clapson

HeaD AreA believes that education is the foundation of everything. We are at our best when taking on a young stylist and giving them the tools to help them flourish. One of our favorite success stories is Kelly Hursh. A brilliant young stylist and a key member of the head area team for over three years, Kelly exemplifies what we strive to create.

Experimenting on the heads of friends, Kelly's passion for hair was sparked in her early years not only by her inherent talent but as she puts it,"I seemed to be the only one (while doing box color dye jobs) who was capable of not leaving spots and ruining the counters!"

A part-time job at salon in high school solidified her career choice. "I fell in love with the flow and change of it all."
Slicing through(Photo by Lee Clapson)

Kelly packed up and moved to Philadelphia in order to attend Jean Madeline Aveda Institute. She worked as an assistant in various salons while attending school full time, leaving little time to explore her new city and make it her home. She poured herself into learning as much as possible and honing her skills, quickly ascending to the top of her class.

The funny thing is, Kelly almost left the profession before we even got to meet her. Disillusioned and disenchanted by her experiences at a handful of other establishments, Kelly was ready to pack in her shears for good when a chance run-in brought her and HeaD AreA together.

"I had a brief lapse in my confidence of career choice: this city can be tough. I had moved here alone, not knowing anyone and it got rough."

A former instructor, friend and HeaD AreA stylist convinced her to spend a day at our salon, just to see if maybe this was the place she'd been searching for...thankfully it was. By the end of that day, she accepted a full-time position and in no time became an integral part of the team.

It's Kelly's balance between technical precision and creativity that sets her apart from others in the field. She has cultivated her unique style through her years of study. Under the direction of HeaD AreA's education team ( led by Lee Clapson), she has built creativity and personal flair onto the foundation of the classical training. It is that classical, technical training that is paramount to the education at HeaD AreA. Kelly has so fully absorbed this, that she has taken on a teaching role within the salon, helping new stylists find their footing and perfect their craft. She has a confidence and easy nature that puts her clients at ease. This girl knows her stuff and is not one to rest on her laurels. She continues to explore new techniques and widen her range of expertise.
Vibrant, daring color juxtaposed with a classically executed razor cut.(Photo by Lee Clapson)

Her main love of the moment is her straight razor. A finicky and unforgiving tool, Kelly wields it with amazing deft and skill, using it to catapult her cutting to the next level. "I always admired the straight razor and the benefits of using one. I got the cajones to pick it up one day and didn't look back. It took my haircuts to another plane."

Whether it be the straight, the scissors, or the color brush, Kelly has a gift for transforming ordinary hair into something amazing. She is excited about hair and it's an infectious energy. This is something any of her loyal clients can attest to, as they trust their locks to no else.
Photo by Lee Clapson

To book an appointment with Kelly, please call HeaD AreA at 215 829 0699. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to get more from your hair?

We know you are.

A new team is forming and it's here to help you. Bumble and Bumble's superior line of haircare is now available in Sephora stores nationwide. HeaD AreA, along with other top salons around the country, are welcoming them to the family by lending our talents to their clients. From June 16th through July 16th, Sephora will be featuring Mini Styling Sessions with Bb's hand picked team of product educators.

What this means for you is a free 20-minute crash course in how to take your hair to the next level. By educating you on what Bb products are best for your locks, these top stylists will show you how to get the most out of what happens on your head.

And it's free.

HeaD AreA will be lending out our head in-house educator, Lee Clapson. With over 20 years of experience, Lee is not only the creative backbone of HeaD AreA but a Bumble and Bumble product virtuoso, constantly experimenting and reworking his interpretations of the line. Not to mention, he's funny as hell. Having him or any of the other educators spend 20 minutes on your hair is an amazing thing regardless. Having it for free? Well, that is a no-brainer.

Modeled on HeaD AreA favorite, Allison, Lee gives us stunning examples of what is achieved in these 20 minutes sessions.

Sleek and smooth, with Shine as the star:

Hair's natural movement takes center stage:

Pow! The power of Texture and Powder takes style that extra mile:

Flawless, effortless chic. All in under 20 minutes.

Following our motto to utilize every opportunity to educate, Lee led our stylists through what could be accomplished in these mini styling sessions. (I happily volunteered as the demo model):

Explaining as he worked, Lee layered Bb's products into my hair, creating volume, texture, showing that with proper technique, there is no such thing as a bad hair day..

You deserve this kind of treatment and so does your hair. Come get it at Sephora June16th- July 16th. Tell them HeaD AreA sent you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love Your Hair: The Thin Hair Chronicles (A Long Story)

Thin hair cannot be long hair. The longer it is the thinner it looks. And the weight, oh the weight will pull your precious few strands out right at the roots! Keep it short, the shorter the better. Growing those thin locks any longer than chin length is a terrible idea.

At least that is what I always believed.

So, I had short hair. Forever and ever, amen. I did it all. Good bad and in between, any trendy short cut from 1993- 2008 made an appearance on my head. I put in my time and got intimate with the classics- Jean, Louise, Mia, Audrey: I paid homage to them all. I had the best time with the short, I ran the gamut and then I did it again.

But I always wanted a blow out and a ponytail, or braids, or a top knot, or hair just to let hang down and hide me from the world if I chose to do so. I mean, come on, short hair is great but some days this face needs some follicular camouflage.

So about a year into working at HeaD AreA, I mustered up the courage to ask the hair gurus that surrounded me if perhaps, maybe (pretty please) long hair was something I could have one day. (Please keep in mind my last two hair stylists had given me the old "you suddenly have three heads" face at this query).

Knock me over with a feather, they said YES. It would in no way be simple and would take a great deal of patience, but my flimsy locks could and would be long.

Mugshot: The first cut on the journey to long hair (Hair by Lee, April 2009)

First things first: long hair, short hair, thick hair, or thin hair; it is all about the right cut. For my hair, that cut needs movement achieved through deftly placed layers. Left to its own devices, my locks will strictly adhere to the laws of gravity and hang as close and flat to my head as they possibly can. To counterbalance the tendency, Lee sliced delicate layers into my chin length cut, letting the shape of my head dictate the length of the hair. This method plumped up my meager locks and banished any flattening weightiness. The result was a sleek polished style with the versatility necessary to keep me from chopping it all back off.

Shoulder grazing happiness (Hair by Lee, August 2009)

Versatility was the name of the game as my hair slowly gained length, Lee made sure to add movement and life with subtle layers and his legendary precision cutting.

I cannot emphasize enough how important a cut is when your hair is fine and limp, no matter what end result you are trying to achieve. Talk to your stylist about your problem areas, ask them about your texture, your hair's natural movement. Each appointment you have with them is a chance for you to get to know your own hair better, so make the most of this.

Oh yeah, that sure is a ponytail (February 2010)

These cuts alone could have been all that I needed to get the long lengths I craved, but my coworkers had more in store for me and my longing for length. Products. Bumble and Bumble products of all shapes and formulations that allowed me to achieve unheard of feats with the tendrils I was cultivating. I relied heavily (and still do) on the possibly magical Bb Thickening Serum.

This little gem was introduced right around the same time I became determined to have long locks. Needless to say, we became fast friends. Massaged into roots once or twice a day, the serum will plump each and every hair shaft adding more heft to overall hair. I started seeing results after just a few weeks. My ponytails got a little bulkier and my hair lifted higher at the crown without having to defy to laws of physics and the upkeep couldn't be easier.

Full fledged plumping addict (April 2010)

Since it penetrates the scalp, you can throw the serum in clean or dirty hair, with or without other products and either in the morning, at night or with high tea if you're so inclined. Here's the thing; I get a failing grade in sticking to any sort of "good for you habit". I am a lazy lady who cannot be bothered to exercise or dust or clean my darn make-up brushes if it even marginally interferes with my doing nothing. So when I say this is an easy thing to do for your hair, be assured that it is a baby step above breathing on the simplicity scale. Seriously.

The fringe effect (August 2010)

Armed with my new best friend, Thickening Serum and the rest of Bb family, I made the most of the next two year. Road testing the entire line on my ever changing hair. I can honestly say that this line has at least one (usually several) product for every head of hair, not matter the length, width or bend. Your stylist is more than happy to walk you through whatever product catches your eye, and to recommend what they most love with your hair. Ask away, you will be glad you did.

Houston, we have long hair (May, 2011)

So here we are are two year later and I have hair that cascades down past my shoulder blades, can be whipped up into all sorts of fantastical styles and can pull attention away from that giant pimple dead in the center of my face. I have achieved my long hair goal and I had little to nothing to do without it. It is all about the cut and the care. Finding the best stylist and the best product is the most effort we novices need to make. Turns out, not only can us thin haired folk have long hair, we can have really beautiful long hair.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Products We Love: Gentle and Super Rich

Lighten. Darken. Heat style. Blow out. Straighten. 

But then what? How do you say "I'm sorry" to your overworked locks?

In 1992, Bumble and Bumble answered this question by bringing the aptly named Gentle Shampoo into the world. Years later, they added the hearty mid-weight conditioner Super Rich as its companion piece. Bumble's first ventures into commercial products took a "necessity is the mother of invention" approach. Put hair through hell during fashion week, photo shoots, or just day-to-day life, and now what? How do you bring it back? Gently and richly.

As soothing as their names suggest, the Gentle Shampoo and Super Rich conditioner will cure what ails you. From fragile fine locks to raucous curls, this cleansing duo is a friend to all hair types that have been processed or are just naturally in need of moisture.

Gentle Shampoo contains Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima) that calms tortured texture while a shot of glycerin helps soften locks. The cleanser emulsifies with a rich lather, courtesy of nettle extract, shaking loose product build-up without tarnishing even the most gentle of hues.

Super Rich is the best friend of a chemically treated mane, but it works well for any hair in need of some TLC. Cetearyl alcohol (I know, I know, but this is a naturally occurring fatty alcohol, and not drying in the least) adds manageabiltity, while a healthy does of dimethicone gives hair back that shine and smoothness chemical processing took away. Super Rich adds a boost of moisture without additional weight that can flatten finer texture, it's a great go-to after your regular shampoo.

Now that you've heard all the technical reasons why this pair is one of the greatest for hair, it's time to see it in action.

Lina "Before":

Lina's locks have seen better (shinier) days. She has a gorgeous head of hair in need of slightly more astringent cleanser and heartier conditioner.

Lina "After":

Cut and styled by Lee; Lina's hair gets back its gloss and then some. 

Kelly "Before":

An overdose of product knocked the life out of Kelly's curls.

A quick trip to the shampoo bowl where Emily cleanses (just once, repeating is rarely necessary with Bb's shampoos) and conditions with the products of the hour:

Kelly "After":

Styled by Emily and sans product build up, freedom rings in ringlets.

We encourage personal research of these and all Bb products. Make sure to ask your stylist about Gentle, Super Rich and any other styling aids that pique your creative interests. They'll gladly take you and your hair for a test drive.